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1) THE REAL VERSION - You can subscribe to the original printed version of Torah from Dixie with its award-winning layout and have it mailed to your home or office each week for a cost of $36 a year. The issue is mailed out on Monday mornings and will arrive to you prior to Shabbat. If you would like to choose this option and pay by credit card, then simply click here. If you are not sure, and would like to receive a free sample issue, please click here.

2) THE EMAIL VERSION - This is a text-only version of the newsletter which will be sent automatically to your email address each week. There is no charge for this service. If you would like to choose this option, then please send an e-mail to with your request.

3) THE FAX VERSION - This is a fax of the THE REAL VERSION and is only available in the 404, 770, and 678 area codes. If you would like to choose this option, please fax your request to 404.320.6501

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