Classes on the weekly Torah portion  Torah from Dixie LIVE Special Broadcasts


Shofar so good: Intriguing thoughts on the High Holiday season given by Rabbi Yossi New

Where did the Torah come from? given by Rabbi Binyomin Friedman

Flying your "Yiddish Kite": How to successfully prevent a Jewish identity crisis given by Rabbi Kalmen Rosenbaum

Totally Tasteless: A matzah mystery in 2 parts given by Rabbi Lee Jay Lowenstein

Exposing the mask of Purim given by Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman

The Tabernacle: If you build it, He will come given by Rabbi David Silverman

Growing Pains: Moses' development as a leader given by Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger

The essence of Chanukah given by Rabbi Shlomo Freundlich


Parshat Noach

 Back Classes

These classes are given by Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman.


The power of prayer

Rabbi Zev Leff speaks at Yeshiva Atlanta

The real Purim story

Hear what really happened during the times of Esther in this hilarious Purim farce.

Joseph's Revelation

Torah from Dixie editor Benyamin Cohen