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Responding to attacks
A weekly column tying current events into the Torah portion

by Joseph Cox
Torah from Dixie Staff Writer



I am having a hard time writing this week's column. In the past 24 hours, 22 Israelis have been killed in a series of attacks. One of these was aimed solely at civilians, the other was aimed primarily at soldiers. And the question is raised again, what can we do?

Long term, the answer is unclear. I suggested last week that education might provide an answer for the next generation.

However, in the short term, the answer is crystal clear.

How do you respond to attacks on your civilians? You can't. You can't respond with attacks on civilians because to do would be morally unacceptable. Attacks on our military and police forces open an entirely different group of possibilities. If they want a war with our armed services, we should give it to them. If they are taking every opportunity to kill our military men and women, we should respond in kind. To do so would be ENTIRELY justifiable from a moral standpoint.

Israel should seek out every Palestinian with a gun or a bomb, from Chairman Arafat on down and kill them. This should continue until the Palestinian armed forces surrender unconditionally. Arms and political independence must be given up. Public, gun-toting, war mongering demonstrations must be a thing of the past. Once a complete surrender has been achieved, as it was in Germany in 1945, then we can begin the process of rebuilding our enemies.

In the beginning of this week's Torah portion, money and articles are being collected for the building of the Tabernacle. Soon afterwards, the Torah asks for another type of support. It states that every naturally talented person should dedicate his skills to the building of the Tabernacle. Israel has talented civilian soldiers who must lay the foundation for the future of Israel. At this point, we must supply those armed forces all the support we can.


Joseph Cox, a close friend of the Torah from Dixie family, is the founder of He writes a weekly column tying current events into the Torah portion.

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