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Summary of Parshat Ha'azinu

by the editors    
of Torah from Dixie    

 Parshat Ha'azinu is comprised primarily of Moses "song" about the horrible tragedies and supreme joy which will make up the Jewish people's future history. Not your classic piece of rhyme and music, Moses' "song" is nevertheless comparable to a great work of art in that it blends together otherwise disparate ideas into a beautiful symphony of thought. It expresses the recognition that every aspect of Creation and everything that Hashem does - past, present, and future - somehow fits together into a perfect harmony, although with our limited human understanding we do not always recognize it to be so. Moses calls heaven and earth to bear witness that if the Jewish people sin and display ingratitude to Hashem for the many wonderful favors He bestowed upon us, we will be punished, while if we remain loyal to the Torah and Hashem we will receive the greatest blessings. Even though the Jewish people will stray, Hashem guarantees our survival and ultimate redemption. The portion concludes with Hashem's command to Moses to ascend Mount Nebo, where he will view the land of Israel and then pass away.


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