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by Benyamin Cohen    
Torah from Dixie Editor    

Let us make man" (Genesis 1:26).



Let us make man" (Genesis 1:26).

To whom was G-d talking when he used the pronoun "us"? Who could possibly be Hashem’s partner in Man’s creation?

Rabbi Yoseph Albo, a significant 15th century Jewish philosopher, gives the following explanation. In most cases, when an animal is born, it is completely formed. Time only adds to its size and strength. However, although Man at the time of birth is fully formed, he is lacking much of his mental capabilities. With age comes the educatory process, maturity, and self-improvement.

When Hashem created Man, He said, "Let us make Man", hinting towards the responsibility of future generations. It is up to us to help in the "development" of Mankind. In a sense, we are G-d’s partners, helping Him mold and shape the human race, complete with its behavior patterns and ethical standards. Let us help shape the destiny of Mankind.

In the broad picture, this task may seem awesome, even impossible to accomplish. But if we start with ourselves, if each one of us as an individual can mature and improve, then we are one step closer to fulfilling Hashem’s command.


Benyamin Cohen, a native Atlantan and graduate of Yeshiva Atlanta, is a junior at Georgia State University.

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