The Torah from Dixie Book has arrived!!!

"Atlanta is not just another Southern city; it can fairly be called the Torah jewel of the South, and with G-d's help will soon become one of the crowns of Torah in America. It can already boast of day schools, Jewish high schools, a kollel, and serious beit midrash study for adults -- and it is the home of Torah from Dixie. Atlanta is bt a microcosm of the astonishing revival of Torah consciousness throughout America." -- excerpt from Rabbi Emanuel Feldman's foreword

t began with two college roomates kicking around the idea for a weekly newsletter. A six-page publication soon followed. Then came the website, the T-shirts and now, the book. Could "Torah from Dixie: The Movie" be far behind?

While no one mentioned big screen deals Sunday evening, several hundred people did turn out at the Greenfield Hebrew Academy to honor the good book. The Torah, that is, and the newly printed compilation of local commentaries on its weekly readings.

The brainchild of the likeable duo Benyamin Cohen, 22, and Michael Alterman, 21, Torah from Dixie began three years ago. Back then, the two Yeshiva Atlanta graduates wanted to create a newsletter of commentaries -- for the novice and expert -- on the weekly Torah reading. The hitch: The writers must have an Atlanta connection.

But they weren't certain people would help defray the publishing and mailing costs. "Who's going to listen to us? We're a bunch of kids," Phil Cuba, now president of the Torah from Dixie board, recalls Cohen saying.

But today several thousands copies are printed each week; there are many sponsors (more always needed); and the product is distributed on Shabbat at area synagogues from across the denominational spectrum. Recognizing it all, Dekalb County CEO Liane Levetan declared Sunday "Torah from Dixie Day."

"We throw articles out there and we never really know if it attracts someone in Thailand or right here around the corner," Cohen said. "If one article from Torah from Dixie brings one person back into the waters of Torah, it was worth it."

While the topics are serious, the editors' humor comes through in subtle ways. As they said in a press release announcing "a big Jewish event this Sunday evening," publishing the book is a "tremendous feat for anyone, let alone a couple of college students."

So how do you check it out? Call (404) 636-HOLY or visit the website at

". . .and the glory of children are their parents" (Proverbs 17:6).

This book is lovingly dedicated to IDA PEARLE AND JOSEPH CUBA of blessed memory by Philip and Allison Cuba.

This book will serve as an eternal memorial to their lives which epitomized the love of Torah and furtherance of Jewish education. They will always be an inspiration to their family and to the Jewish community in whose hearts their memory will live on forever.


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