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Real Audio Torah Classes updated 07.25.01


VIDEO: How to succeed in Hollywood. . .while still staying Jewish - David Sacks, the co-executive producer of "Third Rock from the Sun" and a contributor to Torah from Dixie, Brian Ross, a movie writer, and David Weiss, who has worked on "Cybill" and "Rugrats" tell how they remained observant amidst their Hollywood influences.

Learning to Receive by David Sacks Emmy Award Comedy Writer speaks to High School Students about the good things in life and what getting to Harvard meant to him

Rabbi Marvin Heir speaks . We want Peace of the Brave - not Peace of the Grave...  

Flying your "Yiddish Kite": How to successfully prevent a Jewish identity crisis given by Rabbi Kalmen Rosenbaum

Growing Pains: Moses' development as a leader given by Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger

Shalom/Peace - given by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman of Atlanta

VIDEO: "The battle between good and evil" Watch a 40-minute video class of Rabbi Aharon Feldman as he discusses the constant battle between the good and the evil inclination as based upon the vesre in Proverbs 18:17.

VIDEO: "The Business of Business" Rabbi Michael J. Broyde discusses Jewish business ethics in a corporate world. In this hour-long video class, Rabbi Broyde mainly tackles three issues: If a Jewish person asks you to pass him a ham sandwich, can you do it? If someone asks for legal advice on how to steal and not get caught, can you tell him? If someoone says that he did a crime, can you as a lawyer defend him in court?

Where did the Torah come from? given by Rabbi Binyomin Friedman

Learning vs. Knowing: Which Takes Precedence? by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm

The Mishkan: If you build it, He will come - given by Rabbi David Silverman of Atlanta

Paternity and Maternity - Test Tube Babies - Who is the Mother and Who is the Father by Rabbi Kenneth Brander

Jews In New York - Just to show you that we are not totally "Dixie-centric", we offer this wonderful lecture. The rich tapestry of Jewish community life in the New York area is chronicled. Jon Kalish, a member of the Association of Independents in Radio, reports.

The Effects of Cynicism - Rabbi Yissocher Frand speaks in Atlanta


Women and Tu' B'Shevat - given by Shira Smiles

The Real Purim Story - a hilarious farce of the Book of Esther by the editors of Torah from Dixie

The Hidden and Open Purim - given by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman of Atlanta

The Book of Esther Explored - An 8-part Real Audio series by Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman: class #1>, class#2, class #3, class #4, class #5, class #6, class #7, class#8

The essence of Chanukah given by Rabbi Shlomo Freundlich

On Yom Kippur given by Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman


The Cohen Quartet: Bamarom a Torah from Dixie original



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